Christmas DIY: Folk Animal Felt Decorations

Bring out your scissors and felt pieces and let yourself be inspired by the nature of enchanted forests. From symbolic birds to majestic horses, mischievous squirrels, and graceful deer, these folkloric figures evoke enchanted tales.


Picture yourself comfortably seated by the fireplace, surrounded by loved ones, carefully cutting out each detail. Needles glide through the felt, while each thread adds a delicate and artisanal touch. Add buttons and beads for extra charm, creating unique decorations that will light up your Christmas tree.


Transform these creative evenings into precious Christmas memories. Homemade decorations, infused with the spirit of cold lands, will add an authentic and warm touch to your holiday season. Merry crafting and Merry Christmas! 


To create these adorable creations, gather your creative tools: scissors, needles, felt sheets, paper, and pencil, DMC embroidery threads, and, according to your desires, buttons and beads. Don't forget fabric glue and stuffing to bring your little wonders to life.


  1. Start by drawing the outline of your chosen animal on paper and use it as a template.
  2. Copy the template onto two or three layers of felt for contrasting cutouts.
  3. Unleash your creativity by adding details and assemble the pieces without glue, or use a few drops if necessary.
  4. If you lack inspiration, check out our Pinterest album for ideas: