Six outfits, six aesthetics

Inspiring outfits with our sale pieces


A few days ago, we introduced a variety of apparel into our sales section, infusing our distinct and more responsible touch into the traditional winter sales. These fashionable pieces at enticing prices are currently in the spotlight, and while many of you have already embraced one or more garments, some are still contemplating...


We frequently receive inquiries about styling options for our clothing. People want to know if they can fit into styles beyond cottagecore, which our brand quickly became associated with. Eager to demonstrate the versatility of our designs, we've decided to curate six different outfits for you, aligning with diverse aesthetics, ranging from gothic to hobbitcore, even featuring attire suitable for the renowned Renaissance Faire. Sufficient to ignite the inspiration that may sometimes be lacking when perusing your wardrobe!


Each ensemble showcases at least one discontinued garment – to convince you definitively, without emptying your pockets... And hey, don't forget that you have until Sunday, January 28th, at midnight (CET) to avail an extra 10% off our sales with the code EXTRA10!



Cozy cottage while still being the loveliest maiden in the village. Linen and lace are the optimal fabrics to achieve this style. And, of course, a dainty apron to safeguard your skirt is a necessity!



For this event, the goal is to exude a magical and somewhat historical vibe. A bustier dress will beautifully capture the essence of stays, especially when paired with a charming chemise. Elevate your ensemble with a snug cape, ensuring you can revel in the festivities well into the night!





Nothing beats the allure of a long, dramatic coat swaying in the night breeze, right? Naturally, black is your color of choice, but be sure to wear it with elegance, adorned with intricate details and luxurious velvet fabrics. Round off your look with moonstone jewelry, unveiling your true nature to the Count...




You'll need a practical and warm outfit for strolling through the Shire! Opt for corduroy and wool for the best insulation. Pair them with a soft linen blouse that stays dry, even in Mordor. And, of course, don't forget to don your peridot bracelet to boost your self-confidence and feel like the most courageous hobbit in the land.





Elegance is the key. Keep it simple, yet incorporate a few sophisticated details like exposed cuffs, subtle gathers, or understated embroidery. Throw on a tie with your shirt and perhaps a bow in your hair to exude the timeless chic of Oscar Wilde!




To embrace the gentle caress of Mother Nature on your skin, opt for flowing garments and flared sleeves. Stack stones on your fingers for protection against the negative vibes in this world. Tuck flowers into your hair, and soon Scott McKenzie will be inspired to write songs about you!