1. Biscornu pin cushion DIY

    Biscornu pin cushion DIY
    Biscornus: a high-level DIY just for you!

    Over the past few years, we have noticed that among you there are many talented individuals, very comfortable with crafts, embroidery, painting, and DIY! Hence your preference for quality and craftsmanship! You have long surpassed the stage of "macaroni necklace" and "mustard jar candle holder"...…

    So, we thought of you when we created these embroidered needle cushions. A

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  2. One skirt, five outfits

    One skirt, five outfits
    Making a garment a wardrobe essential

    We love a garment for its versatility. Our aim is to create pieces that can be worn year-round, whether for everyday wear or special occasions. One of our collection's staples is the linen skirt "Vineta." With its subtle charm and captivating volume, it has been a favorite for many years and is now available in midi length since last year.

    You've proudly shared the outfits you've created with

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  3. A colorful chandelier to celebrate Easter

    A colorful chandelier to celebrate Easter

    Every year, we have the pleasure of celebrating the end of year holidays with you, with a DIY offering the opportunity to gather by the fire for a creative and friendly moment.In just a few days, we will welcome spring and say goodbye to winter. This year, the season was long, invaded by grayness. We were therefore keen to finally leave this gloom behind us, and turn our sight toward more cheerful and sunny days.

    It was through our reading that we discovered a Polish tradition that instantly

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  4. Six outfits, six aesthetics

    Six outfits, six aesthetics

    Inspiring outfits with our sale pieces


    A few days ago, we introduced a variety of apparel into our sales section, infusing our distinct and more responsible touch into the traditional winter sales. These fashionable pieces at enticing prices are currently in the spotlight, and while many of you have already embraced one or more garments, some are still contemplating...


    We frequently receive inquiries about styling options for our clothing.

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  5. Christmas DIY: Folk Animal Felt Decorations

    Christmas DIY: Folk Animal Felt Decorations

    Bring out your scissors and felt pieces and let yourself be inspired by the nature of enchanted forests. From symbolic birds to majestic horses, mischievous squirrels, and graceful deer, these folkloric figures evoke enchanted tales.


    Picture yourself comfortably seated by the fireplace, surrounded by loved ones, carefully cutting out each detail. Needles glide through the felt, while each thread adds a delicate and artisanal touch. Add buttons and beads for extra charm, creating

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  6. From a photograph to an illustration, there's just a stroke of the pencil.

    From a photograph to an illustration, there's just a stroke of the pencil.

    Every year, we love organizing a contest to celebrate the magic that fills the misty October air. While 2022 saw the most creative writers competing, for 2023, we decided to hold an illustration contest. But this time, we wanted to go even further. To provide the best possible inspiration to budding artists, what could be better than challenging our own artistic senses?

    That's why we reached out to Helena Aguilar Mayans, a talented photographer whose almost supernatural ambiance

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  7. Under the rainbow…

    Under the rainbow

    Under the rainbow…

    Nearly one year ago, during our last trip to Lithuania, our charming model, Elena, unveiled us a unique place, with landscapes ranging from luxuriant coastal vegetation of pine trees and tall grass to the sandy landscapes of the Parnidis Dunes, perhaps the largest extension of dunes in Europe: The Curonian Spit. Located in the Lithuanian Baltic Sea coastal region, this small strip

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  8. Eglė, Queen of Serpents

    Eglė, Queen of Serpents

    Eglé, Queen of serpents

    Voriagh draws its source from travel through time, but also folklores. Each trip we take to the lands that inspire our clothes, or even contribute making them, are just as many experiences allowing us to discover new cultures and legends.

    During a trip to the Baltic coast, Elena, the girl with fiery hair, told us an ancient legend, taken from Baltic mythology: the story of

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  9. DIY little Christmas logs

    DIY Christmas logs

    DIY little Christmas logs

    The holidays are a special and magical time allowing us to settle down and make time with our beloved ones.

    This period filled with joy and gingerbread is very important for the Voriagh team! That's why, every year, we take advantage of this unique atmosphere to design a DIY and make it all together.

    This year, we decided to create charming wooden decorations for the Christmas tree

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  10. Writing contest for Samhain

    Writing contest for Samhain


    When our talented customers pay tribute to autumn

    We, Voriagh family, love to watch falling leaves, but also to see passionate souls writing. That is why we create a little tradition: each autumn, we start a writing contest, with a few of our pictures as an inspiration. Aspiring writers have then a handful of days at last to write their story, with a limited number of words (otherwise it would

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