A colorful chandelier to celebrate Easter

Every year, we have the pleasure of celebrating the end of year holidays with you, with a DIY offering the opportunity to gather by the fire for a creative and friendly moment.In just a few days, we will welcome spring and say goodbye to winter. This year, the season was long, invaded by grayness. We were therefore keen to finally leave this gloom behind us, and turn our sight toward more cheerful and sunny days.

It was through our reading that we discovered a Polish tradition that instantly charmed us: pająkis. True works of art, as fragile as imposing, these marvelous mobiles made of straw and paper have decorated country homes in Poland since the middle of the 18th century, at a time when the heart is festive, whether during major religious celebrations, or family events such as a wedding.

The pająkis, and their incredible composition of cutouts and brightly colored paper flowers, seemed perfect to us to brighten up our interior, and finally forget the winter rains. It is therefore natural for us to share with you the beauty of these creations, full of delicacy and joy.We were able to contemplate these in the book “Making Mobiles” by Karolina Merska, which allowed us to create our own pająkis thanks to her detailed advice and her infinite creativity.For those who, like us, appreciate adding a personal touch to their festive decoration, we invite you to delve into this book as precious as the creations described in it... And if you decide to share your pająki on Instagram, like we have done it, don't hesitate to tag @_folka_, who will certainly be delighted to discover your paper chandelier!