One skirt, five outfits
Making a garment a wardrobe essential

We love a garment for its versatility. Our aim is to create pieces that can be worn year-round, whether for everyday wear or special occasions. One of our collection's staples is the linen skirt "Vineta." With its subtle charm and captivating volume, it has been a favorite for many years and is now available in midi length since last year.

You've proudly shared the outfits you've created with this charismatic skirt on social media and via email. Now it's our turn to inspire you with five outfit ideas featuring our "Vineta" skirt, shown here in its radiant chestnut color. We hope these looks will spark ideas to fully unlock the potential of our beloved "Vineta"!



LOOK 1 : 

Our first suggestion is the perfect pairing of two basics. The new "Mara" beige blouse looks wonderful with the "Vineta" skirt, in both its lengths. Pair this ensemble with sneakers and a denim jacket for an elegant yet casual look!


LOOK 2 : 

Looking for an outfit with traditional flair and modern comfort? Pair our "Vineta" skirt in midi length with the "Cosima" top and the "Constanze" dirndl! The delicate cotton top is comfortable even in high heat, the dirndl's lacing offers all-day comfort, and the skirt provides functional pockets for your essentials!


LOOK 3 : 

For those dreaming of a fairy tale, we have the perfect outfit. Choose our "Vineta" skirt in maxi length to feel like Snow White or Aurora. Add the charming "Cosima" top and the new "Jelena" top, with its springtime embroidery that will delight your bird friends. And voilà! With a wave of a magic wand, you're the fairest of them all.

To transition from summer to autumn seamlessly, simply swap the "Cosima" top for the beige "Mara" blouse!


LOOK 4 :

Some of you love layering but hesitate to do so in warmer weather. We have the solution: linen! Wear our embroidered linen over-dress "Gisela" over the "Vineta" skirt and the "Cosima" top. Trust us, you'll love summer in this outfit.

For a deconstructed look, roll up one side of the skirt over the "Svetlana" dress and pair it with a bustier!


LOOK 5 :


We couldn't end this selection without an outfit fit for the country life we dream of. Pair our brown "Tilda" top with the matching "Vineta" skirt, and finish the look with our "Lina" bustier. Perfect for gardening elegantly without dirtying your outfit!

To transform this look for the evening, simply remove the apron and wear our lovely "Svetlana" blouse underneath, romantically covering your shoulders.