DIY Christmas logs

DIY little Christmas logs

The holidays are a special and magical time allowing us to settle down and make time with our beloved ones.

This period filled with joy and gingerbread is very important for the Voriagh team! That's why, every year, we take advantage of this unique atmosphere to design a DIY and make it all together.

This year, we decided to create charming wooden decorations for the Christmas tree in our Parisian boutique. We enjoyed decorating little log slices, painting flowers, patterns and other festive items, reminding us of the magic of the holidays and the spirit of the forest.

We are happy to share this DIY with you through this article, illustrated with some pictures.

This activity is the perfect opportunity to train your creativity with family or friends. You can collect some branches during a forest walk and cut your own log slices with a sharp saw once back home... Then you can decorate them, by the crackling fire, and with hot cup of good of tea.

In order to make these decorations, you will need the following tools:

- Wooden logs, between 5 and 8 cm in diameter depending on the size of your Christmas tree. You can find them in decorative arts stores, or the more adventurous among you can find perfect branches in the forest, to saw them into thin slices,

- Acrylic paint,

- Brushes of different sizes (a large wide one, a large thin one, and a last very thin one), for the different steps,

- String, or thin ribbons,

- A pair of scissors,

- And most of all, some patience...


When you have collected enough logs, you can leave them natural, or mix a few colors of acrylic paint to create a nice base on some of them. Once this is done, all you need to do is let your imagination run wild and paint the patterns of your choice on your logs.


Feel free to share your creations with us on Instagram! We ‘ll be delighted to share them!