Under the rainbow

Under the rainbow…

Nearly one year ago, during our last trip to Lithuania, our charming model, Elena, unveiled us a unique place, with landscapes ranging from luxuriant coastal vegetation of pine trees and tall grass to the sandy landscapes of the Parnidis Dunes, perhaps the largest extension of dunes in Europe: The Curonian Spit. Located in the Lithuanian Baltic Sea coastal region, this small strip of little-known land is an earthly paradise, kept as a secret by the local inhabitants...

But, thanks to Elena, we enjoyed the privilege of visiting it and we want to share with you its unique beauty, and to let you feel the peacefulness and serenity inspired by this magical environment.

Paradoxically, when we visited it, the place appeared quite different. We have just arrived to Lithuania and were staying in Nida and waiting eagerly to leave Nida and head towards the Curonian Spit. Eventually the rain ceased, giving way to a light as fiery as Elena's hair, the scent of the storm still lingering in the air, and the wind blowing with full strength. It was cold, much colder than what we are used to here in France. We had brought with us the items from the new collection, planned for the next day’s photo shoot, and Elena chose the "Annie" coat to wrap herself in. Linen wool then turned into a warm and sturdy blanket, impervious even to the Lithuanian wind. She wore that coat as if it had always been hers.

It was at that precise moment that we had the chance to witness a very rare and magical event: a double rainbow split the thick layer of clouds with its beautiful colors. This magnificence left us in awe. Elena danced and laughed in the orange glow of the sunset, her coat flowing behind her like a raven’s wing, as in a pagan ritual worthy of the most beautiful Nordic fairytales.

We tried to capture the magic of that moment, and hopefully we succeeded in conveying the incredible strength that swept us away that evening in the Curonian Spit. Remembering that incredible day leaves us yearning for a return as soon as possible...

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Aug 21, 2023 07:00
Stunning ❤️
Voriagh team
Apr 30, 2024 11:29
Thank you so much Erika!
(And our apologies for the very late reply - our software didn't allow us to see your comment and reply to it...)