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NORNS incense by "Smells Like Spells"


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In Norse mythology norns are female beings that rule the destiny of a child when it is born. In their function they are similar to Greek Moirai. They live under the roots of the destiny tree Yggdrasill, everyday they pour over them the water from the Well of Urðr and on these roots they carve the destiny of each human. We believe that this natural hand-made nag champa incense will help to:

Attract personal luck;
Guide the events towards a favorable direction;
Give you confidence in yourself and your powers;
Inspire you for new challenges, ideas, originality and resourcefulness.

The gods, alike humans, have their own root on the tree of life that norns carve their destinies on. However, even the gods cannot influence decisions of norns, therefore when asking for favors they should be addressed directly to the norns Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld.

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The "Smells like Spells" incense is hand made with natural agarwood, "nag champa", and aromatic herbs. Handcrafted in Lithuania, the smell is very subtle because it contains only non-harmful natural ingredients.