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HAG incense by "Smells Like Spells"


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This natural hand-made juniper incense is like a broom that will sweep off the everyday energetic filth and cleanse the home environment from negative energy clusters. Energetic cleansing, like everyday chores, not only cleans our energetic field but also gives a certain level of “immunity”. Juniper incense is the best natural “antibiotic” thant might help to:

Get rid of bad energy;
Dispose of accumulated anger and negative emotions;
Absorb the negative energy of evil eye, ill wishes and curses.
Cleanse the home’s energy field.

In many cultures juniper incense is still used for protection from evil, demons, witchcraft and magic. That’s why we named them “Hag” – by the name of the Norse deity Hag. She is the infamous witch.

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The "Smells like Spells" incense is hand made with natural agarwood, "nag champa", and aromatic herbs. Handcrafted in Lithuania, the smell is very subtle because it contains only non-harmful natural ingredients.