"Stardust" necklace

The “Stardust” necklace features a charismatic stone that evokes a night sky seen through a telescope.

This stone is called the blue goldstone, and is a glass of aventurine with inclusions of copper, cobalt, manganese and chromium combined. In lithotherapy, the Blue Sand Stone helps to reduce stress and anxiety, but also to avoid emotional conflicts and overcome depression. It promotes the development of creativity, telepathy, intuition and premonitory dreams.
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Round domed smooth Blue Goldstone Cabochon
14mm diameter
Round silver setting, same size
925 Sterling Silver chain
40cm long

Chain and findings :
925 Sterling Silver
Stone « Stardust » :
dark blue aventurine, copper, inclusions of cobalt, manganese or chromium
Round, domed, smooth Cabochon cut.

Guaranteed without nickel and harmful substances. Some pieces are more fragile than others and may require maintenance. We advise you to store them separately in a dark and dry place and to avoid wearing them in hot, damp places such as in a hammam or a sauna.
Jewels made with 925 sterling silver can slightly oxidize. Many silver cleaning products exist, but we suggest using tinfoil and bicarbonate in a bowl of warm water to avoid toxic waste.
14k gold can turn slightly pink because of its copper components: we advise you to softly brush it with a sponge and plain soap. Gold and silver-plated pieces can undergo the same treatment.
Be careful, when you maintain or purify natural stones with a salted bath or sea salt, do not put salt directly on metallic parts: it might deteriorate the setting permanently.

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Olivia is meticulous and masters metal and stones, creating jewelry with a condensed version of emotion and history. Her designs come to complete the outfits of her sister Vivien, with geometric yet gentle lines, which appeal to our unconscious through ancestral shapes, from the vegetal and animal world.

We hope they help you connect with yourself and the surrounding nature.