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"Herkimer Diamond" and goldfill necklace


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Precious necklace made with a 14 gold chain and a beautiful Herkimer diamond.

The name "Herkimer" comes from the Herkimer county in the state of New York exploiting dolomies from the Cambrien age (approximatively 495 millions years ago). There are often bitermied crystals in the vacuole and pouches of the rock shaped with 18 smooth and brilliant facets. Those specific ones are named "Herkimer diamonds".

This necklace is simply a magnificent piece of an ancient rock, 5000 meters deep and 200 millions years old with benefic healing and protection skills fighting against bad vibrations.

Nickel free no risk of allergies.

Shipped in its Voriagh jute bag within 1-2 days / Free shipping in EU over 150€ purchase

JEWELRY, Necklaces,

Our designs are handmade by Olivia in Paris with natural non-allergic material. Guaranteed without nickel. Some pieces are more fragile than the others and may require a slight maintenance. We advise you to store them separately in a dark and dry place, and to avoid wearing them in hot, damp places such as hammam or sauna.


Jewels made with 925 sterling silver can slightly oxidize. Many silver cleaning products exist, but we suggest to use tinfoil and bicarbonate in a bowl of warm water to avoid toxic waste. 14k gold can turn slightly pink because of its copper components: we advise you to softly brush it with a sponge and plain soap. Gold and silver-plated pieces can undergo the same treatment. Bronze plated jewels can leave slightly green stains on the skin depending on your sweat’s acidity. These stains are due to a natural process and won’t trigger any allergies. They are easy to remove either with makeup remover or natural soap.

Careful, to maintain or purify natural stones with a salted bath, do not put salt directly on metallic parts: it might deteriorate the setting permanently. Don’t hesitate to reach and ask us any question, especially to fix your broken good.