Baltic traditional handwoven belt 82 wires five box cross green


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This belt is woven according to ancestral know-how and represents the 5 rune cross. A strong symbol of inner questioning cycle. It is 230 cm long and is made of 82 wires of pure wool and lin.

This traditional length allows to tie it 2 x around the waist. Both ends will be shorter depending on the waist circumference. If your waist is over 80 cm you can make a single turn or order a longer one. Do not hesitate to contact us.

This type of belts exists since the Viking era and is still part of folklore outfits in the Scandinavian countries, Slavs but also in some regions in France and England. The difference between the different traditions lies in symbols and edges. These with the fringes on the sides are typically Baltic.

100% pure wool and linen, 230cm length.

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