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The story of Voriagh began with its name, after reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion: the splendid names, with their Finnish sounds, so inspired Vivien that she then invented “Voriagh”* along the same lines.
The nordic syllables furnish the perfect link to the designers’ inspirations. Italian by descent and born in Germany, they were raised on Scandinavian and Russian tales, which are very popular in the northern countries. We can easily discern the elements taken from folklore and traditional costumes in some of the brocade dresses that remind us of princesses from Slavic fairy tales. But we can also find a more masculine and urban side in the vests, cloaks, and pants, inspired by Scandinavian cuts and easier to wear in the city. After all, the sisters have lived in Paris for the past fourteen years and cannot imagine wearing clothes that overly “edgy.” With a long-time love of the gothic and romantic, they have done their best to avoid appearing dressed up, and today their wish is to create clothing that is subtle and easy to wear in daily life.
*This name later turned out to mean something similar to “Viking warrior” in Russian!



Many of the photo shoots were done in the Baltic countries, Lithuania in particular. It is a fascinating country, where Vivien has recently found much to inspire her. But she also travels to Norway and Sweden to be near the fjords, known for their forests that grow along the coast.



Magic and art
Crystals and semi-precious stones also play an important part in our creations. Unique and known for their beneficial qualities, they bring joy to all through their beauty and their meaning, the details of which are given in each description. Some crystals are almost as pure as diamonds. There is moreover a stone called the Herkimer Diamond, a piece from a rock found at a depth of up to 5000 meters and that takes 200 million years to create as well as being thought to have powerful protective qualities. Even if you don’t believe too much in this sort of thing, you can still be aware of the beauty and often exotic origin of these stones.



voriagh dentelle mariage robe de marieevoriagh bijou paris collier


All handmade!
Our jewelry is entirely handmade in Paris by Olivia. She selects all her materials with great care: some of the gemstones come from very far away—from Jaipur in India or from Australia. The chains and other embellishments as well as the silver, bronze, or gold finishes are made in Paris by a craftsman known to Parisian designers for his quality and the durability of his veneers. The silver can even be maintained without the risk of abrasion.
All materials are, of course, non-allergenic and guaranteed to be nickel-free.



voriaghvoriagh fait main machine



Vivien designs and envisions all the clothing and accessories. The items are then made in very limited collections, mostly in France at the Voriagh studio but also in Lithuania and Portugal, depending on the specialty of the producer. The embroidery is made in India at a high-end studio.

All fabrics are selected in Paris from suppliers who guarantee that their manufacture adheres to European standards by being non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is very difficult to create clothing that is non-polluting. Too often, the focus is on the material and not on the dyeing process, which is far more damaging: whether black or white, all material is bleached with extremely aggressive acids. Best is to use fabric dyed with natural pigments or very simply to produce as few pieces as possible with good lifetime durability.