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About the brand

vivien olivia

A poetic atmosphere and a name that evokes fables and legends.

This is the story that sisters Olivia and Vivien wish to tell through Voriagh, a brand created in Paris in 2008.

Their origins and travels have given them a look that is at once fairylike and pragmatic for city life.

The clothing and jewelry are easy to wear and blend with different styles: a touch of folk and bohemian for a look that lends self-assurance, revealing the heroine who faces life each day.

The Voriagh creations have been entirely conceived by Olivia and Vivien and are produced on a small scale in high-end artisan workshops in France and Europe. The material is selected with great care, at times even custom-made, as with certain laces and printed fabrics. With their concern for the environment and animal welfare, they choose natural and recycled synthetic materials, avoiding leather and fur.

Bohemian fairy feerique voriagh

A word from the designers

Thank you so much for visiting our boutique and taking the step to discover the world of Voriagh. We are always happy to share and broaden our craftsmanship. We have always had a very special rapport with our clients: we have been selling from this location since 2008 and have already redone it five times to better serve you. Thanks to your suggestions and sharing, you—our clients and perhaps you, personally—have helped us to improve, to discover new horizons, but above all to hold on and keep going. Yes, it is only because of you that Voriagh still exists after eight years. No specific help or special treatment has made us part of a group of small designers who fight to make the everyday less ordinary so that you can receive a lovely box with silken paper and a miniature masterpiece inside that will transform you into what you wish to be. We all deserve to be a fairy, a warrior, a princess, or the girl that everyone longs to be, always effortlessly beautiful. We can be that every day—at work, on vacation or with family, and we can so share our inspirations that they improve the everyday both for ourselves and those around us.
If you would like to meet us, please stop by our boutique in Paris, right next to the Place de la Bastille. We would be delighted to see you. 

Voriagh & Friends

Without them, nothing would be possible. Photographers, bloggers, and models, they share their expertise and bring the Voriagh universe to life before your eyes. Some live in Lithuania, that Baltic country that has been a major inspiration for Voriagh! We regularly go there for our shootings, where nature is marked by the seasons and the hue of the sky is breathtaking, especially in winter, with the snow and temperatures at times nearing -30 Celsius. In those moments, the sky is studded with stars…

The photographers Ugne Henriko Marion Dunyach Julie Chiang



Thank you also to Louise Ebel, alias Miss Pandora, the famous blogger, for participating in the filming of the little clip with the pack of Carpathian Wolves lead by Véronique Gérault, with whom we have been working since 2011.