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Varangian (Old Norse: Væringjar; Greek: Βάραγγοι, Βαριάγοι) is the name used by the Byzantine Empire and the Eastern Slavs for the Vikings of Sweden, who ruled the medieval state of Rus’ between the 9th and 11th centuries and later formed the Varangian Guard under the Byzantine emperors.

Our story

VORIAGH – “Sisters North by East” recounts the story of a perpetual journey between the northern countries, of invoking their folklore and sensing the wildness of nature while travelling through the Baltic and Slavic lands. Founded in 2008 by sisters Olivia and Vivien, the VORIAGH brand conveys the influences of a precise selection of materials such as linen, cotton and hemp. These display traditional embroidery and retro laces as well as the deliberate choice to produce most creations in limited editions, at times by hand or using ancient techniques in partnership with local artisans. The secret of the sisters’ skill lies in the perfect reproduction of hues and textures as found in nature – by muting brighter colours and enhancing others, as certain nuances only become discernible upon viewing a frozen lake or on a summer’s night within the arctic circle.


Our Collections

Composed of only ten looks and sometimes less, our collections are the result of exacting labour and long reflection on the relevance of their existence in a market saturated with clothing that is both ephemeral and trendy. Beside this, a young brand like our own must offer a perfect, beautifully cut garment that will remain impeccable even after many years of use.

The Voriagh creations have been entirely conceived by Olivia and Vivien and are produced on a small scale in high-end artisan workshops in France and Europe. The material is selected with great care, at times even custom-made, as with certain laces and printed fabrics. With their concern for the environment and animal welfare, they choose natural and recycled synthetic materials, avoiding leather and fur.

Voriagh folk dress folklore broderie
bijoux voriagh jewelry

The jewellry

Our jewelry is entirely handmade in Paris by Olivia. She selects all her materials with great care: some of the gemstones come from very far away—from Jaipur in India or from Australia. The chains and other embellishments as well as the silver, bronze, or gold finishes are made in Paris by a craftsman known to Parisian designers for his quality and the durability of his veneers. The silver can even be maintained without the risk of abrasion.
All materials are, of course, non-allergenic and guaranteed to be nickel-free.


Voriagh & Friends

Without them, nothing would be possible. Photographers, bloggers, and models, they share their expertise and bring the Voriagh universe to life before your eyes.

The photographers :

Ugne HenrikoMarta BevacquaMarion DunyachRaphaëlle Monvoisin

The models :

Miglė PalkevičiūteElenah KrukKarolina Janickaitė